How sports people can benefit from Ostepathy

Whether you're an enthusiastic amateur or an elite professional, an osteopath can help with the prevention and treatment of common sporting injuries. Sports injuries are often problems that arise when increased demand is applied to a body part that is not functioning properly in the first place. These might include spinal or pelvic misalignment, muscle imbalance and poor posture. Exercising is good for you, but sometimes you can injure yourself when you play sports or exercise, accidents, poor training practices or improper gear can cause injuries.

Sports people who compete at a high standard and undertake intense training are potentially more likely to suffer injury.

Training with an injury or returning to training too soon after a minor injury, can cause muscle imbalance, fixed spinal joints, decrease flexibility, you become more prone to further injuries, therefore you cannot perform at your maximum capability. In many cases, these types of injuries are due to overuse, pushing yourself too hard, not warming up properly beforehand or not cooling down after exercise, or using inadequate equipment.

Functional complaints:

  • Reduced joint flexibility (e.g. suffered by golfers who can't rotate as well as they used to).
  • Mechanical limitations (e.g. suffered by gymnasts having difficulty in doing full "splits").
  • Not warming up or stretching enough can also lead to injuries causing reduced joint flexibility, which will affect the degree of your performance and may result in injury if the player is unaware that they cannot perform to the same level as they used to.

An osteopath can help improve performance as well as treat the injuries being suffered.

We aim to help you get back to do the sporting activities you enjoy by improving joint mobility and reduce adhesions and soft-tissue restrictions so that ease of movement is restored and performance enhanced.

After we've corrected your injury, we can design a rehabilitation programme to reduce the risk of the injury reoccurring, including advice on appropriate fitness workouts, stretching, warming up and cooling doen, Nutrition, Osteopathy is very much suited to assist sports people who require the treatment of complex and recurrent injuries.

The osteopath's skill in assessing and evaluating between areas of normal and abnormal function enables them to find out which tissues are involved, the reasons the injury occurred and the mechanical stresses placed on the body.

In order for us to have a better understanding of why the injury occurred, we take into consideration all other factors which may be causing overall body imbalance.

Factors we consider when treating any injury are: ergonomic work set up if you work in a office, environmental, stress, general health, posture at work or when exercising, and nutrition etc. If you would like to find out information about sports injuries please visit

I also Offer Sports Massage to patients as a combined approach with Osteopathy, which can further enhance the rehabilitation of Sports Injuries.

Sports Massage is useful for anyone who suffers with muscular tension and is a helpful addition to Osteopathic treatment. It is particularly suitable for Marital Artists, runners, triathletes or anyone who regularly partakes in sports and exercise.

If you are a sports person in training this can be given either pre or post training sessions or before and after any Sporting event.

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