Osteopathy can help with the following:

Uncomplicated mechanical neck pain.

Generalised aches and pains

Joint pains including hip and knee, from osteoarthritis as an injunct to core OA treatments and exercise.

Arthritic pain

General acute and chronic back pain (not arising from injury or accident)

Headache arising from the neck ( cervicogenic / migraine prevention)

Frozen shoulder / shoulder and elbow pain, tennis elbow arising from associated musculoskeletal conditions of the back and neck.


Joint pains




Minor sports injuries and tension.

Chronic workplace strains

Most common complaints are due to spending many hours seated, either driving, working and resting. This all leads to altered posture, shortened hamstrings, weakened abdominal muscles and restricted spinal joints. Neck pains and low back pain often as a result of poor posture, incorrect seat or desk height can often result in poor posture at the desk . Arm pain and hand aches commonly caused by nerve root compression or by heavy use of the mouse. Osteopaths are trained to diagnose, treat and advise to promote a healthier workplace.

Back problems and RSI are a £5 billion burden on industry. Bad backs are not just excruciatingly painful for individuals, they are also extremely costly for business left without key workers. Osteopaths already play an important role in many company health teams; smaller companies are benefiting from liaison with their local osteopaths.

Private health insurance

You may be able to claim against your private health insurance for the course of the treatment. You will need to check with your insurance company to confirm the available level of cover and whether you require a GP or specialist referral.

Can I have osteopathy on my private medical insurance?

Many private health insurance schemes give benefits for osteopathic treatment. Some companies will reimburse the total fee or pay a percentage of the costs. Contact the helpline of your insurance company who will explain the actual benefits and methods of claim for your individual policy.

We are providers for most PHI companies. However, it's best to first check with your insurer's help desk to confirm that the osteopath treating you is in fact registered with your company and that your particular scheme will cover fees for osteopathic treatment.

An osteopath can help improve performance as well as treat the injuries being suffered.

We aim to help you get back to do the sporting activities you enjoy by improving joint mobility and reduce adhesions and soft-tissue restrictions so that ease of movement is restored and performance enhanced.

After we've corrected your injury, we can design a rehabilitation programme to reduce the risk of the injury reoccurring, including advice on appropriate fitness workouts, stretching, warming up and cooling doen, Nutrition, Osteopathy is very much suited to assist sports people who require the treatment of complex and recurrent injuries.

The osteopath's skill in assessing and evaluating between areas of normal and abnormal function enables them to find out which tissues are involved, the reasons the injury occurred and the mechanical stresses placed on the body.

In order for us to have a better understanding of why the injury occurred, we take into consideration all other factors which may be causing overall body imbalance.

Factors we consider when treating any injury are: ergonomic work set up if you work in a office, environmental, stress, general health, posture at work or when exercising, and nutrition etc. If you would like to find out information about sports injuries please visit

I also Offer Sports Massage to patients as a combined approach with Osteopathy, which can further enhance the rehabilitation of Sports Injuries.

Sports Massage is useful for anyone who suffers with muscular tension and is a helpful addition to Osteopathic treatment. It is particularly suitable for Marital Artists, runners, triathletes or anyone who regularly partakes in sports and exercise.

If you are a sports person in training this can be given either pre or post training sessions or before and after any Sporting event.

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