“I have always had a dodgy back ever since I was a teenager, usually just the odd twinge here and the odd stab of pain there warning me to be a bit more careful for the next few days. Occasionally these twinges have gone a bit further and I’ve ended up down the doctors in agony, unable to move, sit or lie down without being in pain.

I have seen GP’s, physiotherapists, chiropractors and even the odd osteopath. Nothing has really been successful. When I had the last attack, I was desperate for help so got hold of the telephone numbers of a number of osteopaths and phoned round ’til I got hold of Michael. Michael saw me that day and I was treated immediately. The difference in my back, the amount of pain I was in and my posture was also immediate. I was told how long the treatment would take, given exercises to do and took advice on pain relief and control.

That attack happened approximately 2 years ago and unlike other times I have not had a repeat attack. This is because I now see Michael on a regular basis for what I call “maintenance” or a “service”. Here he deals with problems right at the start, at the twinge stage or even earlier. I now have confidence in my back and feel that it can do more and that it is stronger than before. I also know that should anything major happen again, I have a health professional that I can trust to deal with it.”

” When I fell down the stairs and hurt my arm, the hospital said I would be sore and stiff for a couple of days, but I hadn’t broken anything so I could just take painkillers. What they didn’t tell me was how sore and stiff I would be and how much the painkillers wouldn’t work. Boy did it hurt! Over the next couple of days my neck and shoulders slowly became one solid block of pain.

I couldn’t move them at all and my back was beginning to complain at having to work a bit harder. Having already seen Michael for my back I phoned him up to see if he could help in some way. He saw me that day and with a mixture of osteopathic treatment, massage and acupuncture started to release the muscles and helped get the neck and shoulders moving again.

On that first visit he managed to get the pain down to a level that painkillers would actually work on and after the second visit I didn’t bother with the painkillers at all. He saw me regularly over two weeks, slowly and gently working on the neck, shoulder and back muscles each visit until they were free to move easily and healthily. I believe I recovered from my fall a lot quicker than normal because of Michael’s care and treatment, and I certainly know that the pain relief gained from each session was much appreciated.”

I first visited Village Osteopathy suffering from acute back pain which was not responding to physiotherapy. After only a few appointments I am delighted to say that there has been a continued and sustained improvement to the point where I am frequently unaware of any back pain at all!

Michael Andidorou has a thorough, professional approach and I have found him to be courteous, friendly and helpful at all times. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending his services to fellow sufferers.

Derek Kennedy

I have been seeing Michael Andidorou for treatment to my neck & shoulders since May 7th approx every 3 – 4 weeks.

I have received manipulation & acupuncture. His treatment has been very effective and a massive relief to how uncomfortable I have been.

I have & would recommend Michael to anyone with muscular problems.

Sally Mansell

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